This project has declared the following modules:

Name Description
rdfpro-core RDFpro library reusable in Java applications. Provides the RDFProcessor abstraction, builtin processors and composition capabilities.
rdfpro-groovy RDFpro processor supporting RDF transformation via Groovy scripts.
rdfpro-jsonld Parser and writer for RDF in JSON-LD format. JSON-LD is a JSON-based format for serializing data in (a superset of) RDF as JSON and interpreting JSON contents as RDF. See for the format specification.
rdfpro-tql Parser and writer for RDF in Turtle Quads (TQL) format. TQL is N-Quads with the more permissive (and efficient!) Turtle encoding. TQL is used in DBpedia exports and is supported in input by the Virtuoso triple store.
rdfpro-dist Distribution module providing source and binary assemblies. Includes also RDFpro command line tool main class.

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Last Published: 2022/02/04.

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