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2016-07-21 16:12:52 Alessio Palmero Aprosio <> pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3
rdfpro-core/pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3
rdfpro-dist/pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3
rdfpro-groovy/pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3
rdfpro-jsonld/pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3
rdfpro-tql/pom.xml v 4de86e2fd371fd6bbe7e0411d0272ce04eecbef3

Release 0.6
2016-07-20 17:26:17 Francesco Corcoglioniti <> rdfpro-core/src/main/java/eu/fbk/rdfpro/ v a43922bc5edb0f88ec2947c5cdaec5018e57c17a

Fixed 'stream already closed' bug caused by missing synchronization
2016-07-20 17:25:22 Francesco Corcoglioniti <> rdfpro-core/src/main/java/eu/fbk/rdfpro/util/ v 5c155fb671844573f3a23b09475f0af2f1c06002

Override of removeAll method to improve performances when removing statements from QuadModel
2016-07-20 17:23:18 Francesco Corcoglioniti <> pom.xml v 2c9a12b69927b1aea723e969705d4f8c01067441

Disabled link to old sesame javadoc location, as it caused the build to hang
2016-07-20 17:22:21 Francesco Corcoglioniti <> rdfpro-core/src/main/java/eu/fbk/rdfpro/util/ v 990d58c2a19ebf87390c8317273b6e3e8ffe5d85

Fixed overflow bug in StringIndex that may arise when dealing with many non-ASCII literals

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